School of ICT

We prepare students to be skilled in Hardware, software Design , Website development , Networking , Cyber Security , Forensic , programming etc

ICT/ computer science graduates can easily been hired by companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook and Jobs will be searching for you!

Most of the CS bachelor’s on this list give students the flexibility to focus on interests beyond computers. If students are interested in studying subjects like finance, Education, or Business, Tourism, Victoria Falls University allows undergraduates to study computer Science/ ICT alongside other interests.

School of Education

The Victoria Falls University offers permanent and continuing education training programs for  non teachers and in-service teachers , degree Primary Teacher Education. Courses which are offered are Secondary teacher education, Early childhood. The above program provide quality teachers to teach in pre-school, primary school and Secondary school. Programs are offered at distance, modular, full time and part time basis.

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Mathematics
  2. Bachelor Of Science In ICT With Education
  3. Bachelor Of Education In primary school Teacher with  ICT
  4. Bachelor Of Education In Secondary  school Teacher with  ICT
  5. Bachelor Of Education (English) French, Special Education, History,Geography, Religious Education and Business Studies With Education

The School of Hotel and Tourism

The School of Hotel and Tourism is the second to none in the southern Province . The school has well qualified lecture and the programme is accredited to the Higher Education Authority and you can’t go wrong. Came and study with Victoria Falls University of Technology if you want to be good Hotelier.

Schools of Business & Financial Management

Bachelor Of Science In Project Management Bachelor Of Science In Banking And Finance Bachelor In Human Resources Management Bachelor Of Science In Marketing Bachelor Of Accountancy Bachelor Of Business Administration

The school of business offer different programs like Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, Accountancy, Marketing, Project management and Business Administration.